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Monday, March 7, 2011

How To Make Money From Freelance Jobs

Many people try to make money online by joining paid surveys, affiliates, mystery shopper or day trader. They all have their own characteristics. Paid surveys and mystery shopper are easy jobs, but they definitely won't make you rich since their fees are low. Affiliates and day trader can make you rich, but they are very difficult to maintain and also very risky. If you look for something that is safer, not too difficult and can make you rich, you should try to work as a freelancer.

What is a freelance job?
Basically, working freelance is the same as doing fulltime job. The differences are just that you can work at home, manage your own deadline, and free to choose which jobs you like. There are hundreds of freelance jobs you can find online. Some of them, such as IT programmer, web developer, web designer, product designer, label designer, medical transcriptor and copywriter require special skills. But some other such as data entry, data converter, book reviewer and bulk emailer are very simple to do!

How to get a freelance job?

Nowadays, there are so many websites that act as marketplaces (places where buyer/ project owner meet the freelancer). They usually charge 5% - 10% transaction fees. Three biggest marketplaces are elance, guru and rentacoder. Elance as the biggest marketplace has hundreds of new projects every month, their project price is the highest, but its membership fee is also the most expensive ($11 - $199/ month). Guru and rentacoder charge lower membership fees (rentacoder is even free), but their project price are much lower than elance. There is one similarity between these marketplaces; they indeed have thousands of projects but just 40% of them that are eventually awarded.

How much can I make from a freelance job?

How much you can earn from freelance jobs depends on many factors. A small project such as web development costs $100 - $300 per project and can be finished within 1 - 2 weeks. Book reviewing project costs $100 - $200 per books (if your client is satisfied you can get this kind of project every week). Data conversion, such as converting PDF to HTML files, costs $3 - $5 per file. This type of project usually is given in a bulk (about 100 - 200 files per project). So you still get huge income. But remember, you can also earn $0 if you do not do any efforts to win a project (by bidding too high) or violating the agreements (can not meet the deadlines, the completed software is full of bugs, charging additional fees, etc).

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Make Money Online

There are a lot of ways to make money online and help you familiarized to your goal of financial guarantee. That is if you know how to maximize your time, abilities and other resources to your advantage.

The Internet, for example, can help you in many ways to make money online without having to work outside your home. You can even earn money while you are out on vacation, doing other chores, or even if you are enjoying a good night sleep.

Here are some tips on how to utilize your Internet connection to make money online.

1. Look for telecommuting jobs that you can do during your free time.

Going to the office and meeting face-to-face with your superiors or clients is not the only way for you to make money online. You can also get quick cash by engaging in telecommuting jobs. The nice thing about telecommuting jobs is you can accomplish this job vis-à-vis your full-time job.

Here are some telecommuting job options that you can consider taking.

  • Completing Survey Forms
 A lot of companies are in need of respondents for their surveys. However, this telecommuting job is available to those who are subscribed to internet services. This subscription enables them to access the company databases and answer survey forms.

It only takes around 15 minutes of your time to answer a survey form. That is not hard enough to earn $30 per survey form, right?

  • Writing for websites to make money online
 Specialized websites need a lot of content for them to thrive. That is why efficient writers are necessary to keep information flowing in their sites. If you have broad knowledge on a certain topic, why don't you try writing for related specialized websites? And if you have passion for writing, this will just be a piece of cake.

  • Database Encoding to make money online
 A lot of companies are outsourcing employees by implementing telecommuting procedures in offices. Company expenses (for office maintenance, electricity, etc) are minimized this way, but work handling is not compromised.

The databases of the companies will be completed by encoders by sending information from their houses in the proper format.

Just like the survey form job, a person who would want to be a part of this business must first subscribe to a company that will give access to company databases.

  • Researching to make money online
 Various fields are in need of updated information. That is why research is very important for advancements in these fields.

Researchers are hired, and they are demographically distributed to cover a broad range of information references.

To fit in this telecommuting job, researches made must be presented in the format prescribed by the clients. More so, proper citations of references must be included to avoid violating the Intellectual Property Act.

2. Use your sites as advertising space to make money online.

Your web logs (blogs) and other sites can generate easy cash for you. If you have a constant traffic of visitors viewing your site, then getting advertisers is the next step to earning extra income.

By signing up for an Adsense account from Google, you can earn percentages from what the companies are making from your website visitors. You can also make money online by referring other website owners to sign up for Google Adsense too.

If you already have a specialized site about a certain topic, then you can make necessary adjustments to allow advertisers to invest in your site.

3. Try paid membership sites to make money online.

Compared to the money that you will be earning from advertising, paid membership site profits are more predictable since the money will be coming from a certain number of members, not from commissions from companies.

Aside from that, the initial capital would not be that big since you are selling contents, not actual merchandises. There would be no handling and shipping costs to worry about as well.

The only thing that matters here is the quality of the contents that you will be delivering for your clients. It should give them more than what they are expecting for them to continue their subscription. More so, if you are offering services other than newsletters, it can be a great way to maximize advertising opportunities.

By engaging in online businesses and jobs, and by doing it right, you will making more money online without having to do it the hard way.